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NAME: Lucius Vorenus
CANON: Rome, 1x12
AGE: ??? (approx. 35-40)

BACKTAGGING: Absolutely!
THREADHOPPING: So long as the application isn't private, perfectly okay.
FOURTHWALLING: No problem, just don't expect him to believe you (beyond the fact that well, of course he's from Rome. Everyone is these days.)
ACTION VS PROSE: No preference

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: So long as you don't expect Vorenus to return it or to necessarily react positively in response-- sure, give it your best shot.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Thrives on it, tbh.
RELATIONSHIPS: Getting beyond Vorenus's prickly--... everything takes work, but if you want to try and take the time to do so, I'm not going to stop you (gl bro).

■ KINK LIST: Click here! Kinks are listed as follows: Faves are things he participates in in canon (per canon pull), Yes's are things he either participates in over the entirely of canon or something immediately feasible on an IC level, and Maybe's are kinks I'd at some point be willing to write Vorenus into. He's a prude.jpg :,C If it's not explicitly on my 'NO' list, feel free to approach me with it!